Our vision is to be recognised,respected and valued around the world as a brand that stands for adventure, individuality and appreciation of the locations around us.

Sun Protection

Most of our products have been approved by the Cancer Association of South Africa(CANSA), the leader in the fight against cancer, as effective protection against the sun to reduce your risk of skin cancer. Look out for the CANSASmartChoice UPF50 swing ticket.

Liefde Wen

Each year Urbansupply as a company try to give back too the community through a collaboration with a brand/organization. This year we did a collaboration with Liefde Wen. When purchasing this product an amount of the profits will be donated to the Liefde Wen NPO which helps in the upliftment and development of under privileged communities.


Most of our hats are crushable. Your favourite travel accessory can be crushed up, packed away and when you arrive at your destination it will return back to it's original shape.


To inspire people to express their individuality, authenticity sense of adventure through our clothing.
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