A good gaming headset can go a long way in adding to the enjoyment of any game you’re playing, not to mention prevent forcing others around you to listen to you playing the game!  The Skullcandy SLYR’s offer fantastic stereo sound with rich bass along with superior comfort. The GMX In-Mixer is easy to use and allows for easy game audio and voice balance adjustments and the addition of the EZ Stash mic allows for this headset to be used for more than just gaming, offering more bang for your buck making it extremely easy to recommend this product for anyone in the market for a new gaming headset  So have you been looking for a headset that’s stylish? Inexpensive? Easy to pack up and take with you? Compatible with your PC and your consoles?  The SLYR is all that… and made by Skullcandy, so you know it’s sporting slick attitude. You can grab these now to up your game in the SHOP section

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