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Meet the team

Whether we are selling hats or running around to get orders dispatched, one thing is for sure there is not a day where the Urbansupply doesn’t joke around and have fun.

PC(Pees) Viljoen:(Managing director):

PC is the guy to go to when it comes to making deals and keeping everyone happy. He balances life between studying at Stellenbosch university and running the business. His hobbies include braaing with his best mates and watching a good game of rugby.


Bradley(Jelly tot) Harding:(Operations)

Bradley brings the young back to the office and specialises in the operations of day to day duties of everyone around the country. He likes his smoke breaks and hobbies include hunting and playing Golf. #onejobbradley


Annalie(Anna) Roberts(Accounts and client queries):

Annalie is the mom in the office and makes sure that everyone is always okay. She handles all accounts and Customer related queries. Some say she once fired Donald trump;) Her hobbies include reading and outdoor camping.



Fred(HT596) Line(Warehouse manager):

Fred is the guy to go to when we are searching for stock. He knows the warehouse better than any computer will ever know. Freds hobbies include watching soccer and swimming at the beach.


Movet(Shy Guy) Izaya(Warehouse assistant):

Movet is as right of a hand you can get to Fred in this world. Movet assists with daily operations in the warehouse and keeping Fred Company. Movet’s hobbies include watching WWE and Soccer. Some say he likes Mondays more than Fridays.




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