Some people always seem to ask:’WHY CHEAPO?”

This is why.

We offer street fashion-forward consumers the opportunity to buy an aspirational brand with on-trend watches, sunglasses and socks at a price not offered by other brands. Inspired by skateboarding, music, art, and the people who surround us.

In other words, we have products with a great design, we have brand filled with values and stories, we have good quality, we are sold next to more expensive brands, but at lower price level. For the customer, we are cheaper, but we chose to call it and ourself Cheapo. We are not cheap, we are Cheapo.

Since we are sold at a lower price level, we can target anyone and are therefore made for everywhere. Just because you don’t afford the more expensive brands, you don’t have to visit the low price stores, you can find us next to the expensive brands at a lower price level. We take pride in this. That is why we are Cheapo and that is why we are made for everywhere!